Stronghold 2

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Stronghold 2


The King, having fled after the defeat of his armies, now attempts to rule his country from a secret location. It is not known if he is even in the country anymore. Now, powerful barons jostle for what is fast becoming a disintegrating kingdom. It is up to you to stem the tides of their ambition and unite the land under the King once again!

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Overlord 2 2009 PC FULL ISO

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Overlord 2 | 2009 | PC | 3.67 GB

Overlord II is the sequel to the hit warped fantasy action adventure that had players being delightfully despotic. In Overlord II, a new Overlord and a more powerful army of Minions take on an entire empire in a truly epic adventure, inspired by the rise of the Roman Empire. As the Glorious Empire conquers kingdoms and destroys any sign of magic it finds, it’s time to go Minion Maximus and send in the horde.

The Minions return smarter, deadlier (and funnier) and are ready to fight in large scale battles that will see their wild pack mentality squaring up to the organised legions of the Glorious Empire. As ever, they’ll do anything and everything the Overlord commands of them, especially now that they can run ravage and wreck buildings and scenery. They’ve also learn to ride: In Overlord II, Minions will be able to mount up and ride wolves and other magical creatures around the landscape and take them into battle, making our band of merry fighters faster and fiercer than ever before.


1. Unrar/mount with latest dtlite yasu (dtpro won't work)
2. Install the game.
3. Run it, play it.



Transformers 2 Revenge Of The Fallen

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Transformers 2 Revenge Of The Fallen


The Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen video game lets gamers step into the shoes of the Autobots or Decepticons, select any available mission and pick from the largest, most diverse range of playable Transformers – each with their own distinct abilities and weaponry. Set in unique environments across the globe such as Cairo and Shanghai, the game allows players to instantly switch between vehicle and robot modes as they drive, fly, fight and blast their way through intense, pressure-packed levels. After engaging in single player action, players will be able to go online and battle friends in all-new multiplayer modes.

General Features :

- The Choice Is Yours – Players can take on the role of their favorite AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS such as Optimus Prime, Starscream, Bumblebee and Ironhide, along with new characters making their first appearance in a game. With two distinct campaigns that allow players to save or destroy the human race, players can unlock and play missions in any order and with different characters for a whole new experience
- Outmaneuver Your Opponents – Instantaneously convert from a colossal robot to a dynamic land or air vehicle such as a diesel truck, sports car, military chopper or fighter jet. New, ultra-fluid transformations can be performed in-motion anytime and anywhere, allowing players to strategically propel through and decimate hordes of enemies with incredible agility
- Take the Battle Online with Friends – For the first time ever in the TRANSFORMERS universe, players can engage in full, multiplayer action, taking the epic war between the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS online to play with friends in a multitude of competitive game modes as they utilize their characters' unique weapons and abilities to lead their teams to victory
- Demolish Your Enemies – Each TRANSFORMER can unleash a unique array of assaults on its enemies – ranging from powerful missile attacks and rapid-fire chain guns to explosive energy blasts and visceral melee strikes – allowing players to pick from a variety of weapons and moves in their character’s arsenal and experience diverse gameplay in every brutal encounter.
- Intense, Heroic Missions – Every second counts as players drive, fly, fight and blast their way through gripping, pulse-pounding levels straight from the film and beyond to determine the ultimate fate of the world

Size: 8.3GB

Release Name: Transformers.2.Revenge.Of.The.Fallen.CloneDVD-AVENGED
Filename: trn2-avd

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ADT: American's Home Security

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If you want to is keeping your family safe especially in the home, making sure your house is a secure place for everyone. To realize your home safe from burglary, fire, and any other threats 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, then ADT monitored home security system is the answer.

Installing ADT monitored home security system can ensure you and your family’s safety and give you peace of mind when the property is empty or you have to be away on business. ADT monitored security systems can help secure your home with a total of four connected command centers strategically spread throughout the country to diffuse the risk. When one goes down, the others are able to immediately pick up the slack. ADT alarm systems allow you to feel safe and assured that your home and family will be protected against unwanted visitors and problems.

ADT alarm system will cover the whole house, there is no point in one that only works at the main entrance for instance as intruders will look at every option to break in. ADT alarm system include motion detectors, if an intruder does enter the premises then the system will detect the movement and set the alarm on. Motion detectors can also be set up in an outside area, such as the patio or garden, and trigger floodlights to light up the whole area.

An ADT home security system offers many features and benefits, including home security systems available in a variety of levels. An ADT security system can offer you monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with easy-to-use one-touch keypads and wireless keychains. The most important thing you should understand is that ADT home security system can save your family’s life in an emergency situation.

ADT home alarm and security systems are full-home monitoring you can count on. That’s why ADT is America’s #1 choice for home security.

Using to Find Direct TV Service

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Do you want to enjoy the broadcast of digital satellite tv? You can subscribe to Direct TV with the ability of broadcasting High Definition (HD) channels.

With Direct TV you get a huge variety of programming. Choose the Direct TV premier package and get over 265 all-digital channels including 31 premium movie channels from HBO, Cinemax, SHOWTIME and Starz, 25 regional and specialty sports networks, and 73 XM Satellite Radio channels. Direct TV is also the only provider offering NFL SUNDAY TICKET.

With an impressive line-up of national and local high-definition channels, DirecTV viewers see every brilliant detail of their favorite shows, movies, games and more! DirecTV also delivers a crystal clear digital signal of the time - rain or shine. You can depend on DirecTV for a high-quality picture and reliable service.

If you are looking for DirecTV service, as reference you can find on website Find DirecTV service will be easier because divides local channels that available through DirecTV based on area. For example, Direct TV in California, to find the best option for DirecTV select your city from the list. You can also use just type your zip and tv channel options for finding the best sattelite TV provider in California.

Race to Witch Mountain on DirectTV

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After the film "The Game Plan" and "Get Smart", Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson comeback with newest film in title "Race to Witch Mountain" with the talented actor-actress AnnaSophia Robb, Alexander Ludwig, and Carla Gugino. This film is a remake of the film previously titled "Escape to Witch Mountain" in 1975 and both was appointed from the novel in 1968 titled "Escape to Witch Mountain" works of Alexander Key.

Dwayne, a former WWE wrestling star with a famous nickname The Rock will play a role as a train driver who helps two young witch in their escape. Johnson was a nine time world champion in his career, being a seven time WWF/E Champion (with his last reign being the WWE Undisputed Champion) and two time WCW Champion. He is also a two time Intercontinental Champion and a five time Tag Team Champion. He is also the sixth Triple Crown Champion and was the winner of the 2000 Royal Rumble.

Johnson starting an actor with his first leading role in 2001, in The Scorpion King. For this film, he received the highest salary for an actor in his first starring role, earning $5.5 million. He has since appeared in movies such as The Rundown, Be Cool, Gridiron Gang, The Game Plan, Get Smart, and the newest Race to Witch Mountain.

If you like his movie you can watching on Direct TV satellite television broadcast at your own place. And I hope this post can win as Best Blog about a Movie Actor on BOB Awards that present by So, please nominate me in the Best of the Best Awards.

BattleForge Play4Free (Download Now and Play for Free)

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BattleForge (Download Now and Play for Free)

You always wanted to pay a visit to the World of Nyn but couldn't scrape together the fare for the trip? Then you should now start packing your bags because BattleForge is now a Play4Free title!

The BattleForge Play4Free Client, which you can download here, offers you complete access to all areas and functionality of the game, including all content updates (new PvP maps, Renegade Campaign) made available since release.

Along with all functionality of the game, BattleForge Play4Free includes two decks consisting of 32 cards. You can play any scenario in the game, including the Renegade Campaign. With BattleForge Play4Free, you are also able to purchase Booster Pack and bid on cards in the Auction House.

However, you can only offer a card in the Auction House once you have reached level 4 in PvE and level 10 in PvP. Direct trades and sending in-game mail with attachments are also blocked until you reach this experience level.

You tried out BattleForge with the demo? Then it├»¿½s definitely worth your while to switch over to Play4Free. In the demo version, you could only play a small number of the maps and scenarios available, and you couldn├»¿½t trade or buy cards in the auction house. Those restrictions have been removed!

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Disney's Tarzan

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Disney's Tarzan

We could call it a platform game if it wasn't 3D, but it still looks like a platform game. Much alike to "Lion King" only seeable made of polygons. This little arcade game puts you in a role of Tarzan, a soon-to-be king of the jungle, leads you to a bunch of quest levels where you can collect coins, map pieces, 'TARZAN' letters and other stuff, as well as call you monkey friend from time to time that'll give you a brief explanation of things flyin' around. After each completed level, there will be a brief animations that they've probably taken from Disney's cartoon.

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Timeshift (English)

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Timeshift (English)

Given TimeShift's long, tumultuous development cycle that saw the game change platforms, swap publishers, and miss several release dates, it's surprising the game has made it to stores at all. So it's too bad that TimeShift isn't really worth the wait, thanks to a barely-there story, extremely rudimentary puzzles, and tired first-person shooter objectives like going through an entire level just to push a button. It does have some redeeming features, though. It's fun to pause time and whale on helpless soldiers, and some of the weapons are really satisfying to shoot.

If you need more out of a game's story than "shoot guys until the credits roll because an angry soldier and a computer voice say so," you're in trouble here. If you piece together the fragmented cutscenes, scour the manual, and read the back of the box, you'll learn that a certain Dr. Krone has stolen a special suit that lets its user travel through time. This has created an alternate reality, which is a bad thing--you'll have to trust the game on that, because it's tough to figure out just what has happened that's so bad, other than a big robot spider that shoots lasers terrorizing the city. (OK, maybe that is bad.) It's up to you to take the other, experimental beta suit (ohhhh, dangerous!), travel through time, and stop Dr. Krone from doing something sinister--which he has already done, so you want to undo whatever it is he's done...or something.

Even though the story is an incoherent mess, it's still possible to enjoy TimeShift. Why? Because you can time-shift. Your suit has the ability to pause, slow down, or even reverse time--kind of like a TiVo you can wear. This lets you pause the action, run up to a guy, and shoot him to bits. Or if you're feeling like humiliating him before you kill him, you can steal his weapon, restart time, and watch as he wonders where the heck it went, and then make him dead with a barrage of bullets. It's even possible to regenerate health by seeking cover and pausing time. You can't rewind time and prevent your own death, but if you're quick you can reverse it and unstick a grenade from yourself. You only have a limited amount of time you can manipulate before the suit's energy runs out, but it regenerates quickly. The game promises all sorts of other "exciting" uses for altering the flow of time, but it never really capitalizes on the potential of the mechanic. Rather than challenging you with complex puzzles that require you to think outside the box or use the game's quality physics engine, you're mostly limited to slowing down time so you can press two buttons in quick succession or pausing time so that you can get through a door before it closes. Thank goodness for technology.

Other than the time-shifting stuff, the rest of TimeShift plays like a linear, run-of-the mill first-person shooter--and a dated one at that. Most of the level objectives are routine tasks like finding a button that opens a door or, sometimes, locating a lever that opens a door. Heck, sometimes you have to do both! There are a few scenarios where you ride around on an ATV and some others where you man a turret on an airship, but most of the time you'll be moving from checkpoint to checkpoint on foot, taking out wave after wave of unintelligent foes. It's good, then, that the gunplay is entertaining. This is mostly due to the game's powerful weapons that are so much fun to shoot. It might not be exactly challenging, but it's fun to pause time and take the crossbow that shoots an arrow that sticks in the target and then blows up, and then unpause time and watch your foe explode into a charred, bloody mess. There are other cool weapons too, like the automatic gun that looks like it shoots bullets, but these bullets cause the target to burst into flames when they hit, and then the dude screams like a little girl as he fries. Even the basic machine gun is powerful and useful all the way through the game. There's always plenty of ammo to be found, so you never have to be conservative with your bullets.

It's too bad that these powerful weapons, combined with the ability to manipulate time, make it all too easy to fall into a rut of approaching every situation in the same way. Even on the harder difficulty settings you can be successful finding cover, pausing time, unleashing a few shots, and then retreating to cover while your suit and health recharge. Enemies won't always stay back and wait for you to cap them, but their aggressiveness actually makes things easier. You can hide, watch their dot on the radar get closer, and then shoot them as soon as they come around the corner. There are a few instances where you'll have no choice but to seek shelter behind destructible cover, but those situations are rare, and there's usually someplace safe you can scramble to once you've been flushed out.

In addition to a lengthy 10- to 12-hour single-player campaign, TimeShift offers a full-featured multiplayer component. A modified version of the single-player game's time-shifting ability is found here, too. You can slow, pause, or rewind time by throwing one of three different chrono grenades. Everyone within the blast radius of an explosion is affected. It's a neat idea, but one that people seem all too keen to rely on--they just throw them like crazy when they see another person. You can play ranked and unranked matches in a wide variety of game types. There's deathmatch and team deathmatch, one-on-one, capture the flag, and a few unique modes. King of time has you try to gain control of the time sphere, which makes the person who holds it impervious to time effects, allowing them to rack up kills with ease. Another is called meltdown madness. This is a team mode where you try to prevent the other team's machine from counting down by throwing chrono grenades at it. You can also create your own fun by using the multiplayer modifiers. These let you increase players' running and jumping abilities, reduce gravity, or play alternate game types like rockets or snipers only, vampires, or last man standing. The multiplayer mode isn't exactly amazing, but it definitely has its moments

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