Final Fantasy XI: Vana'diel Collection

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Final Fantasy XI: Vana'diel Collection

A collection of all of the current Final Fantasy XI releases for the complete MMO experience. Included are the original game, the Rise of the Zilart, Chains of Promathia and Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion packs, and a new foldout Quick Manual including a world map and a starter's guide, all in one convenient budget-priced package.


James Bond 007 Quantum of Solace-RELOADED

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James Bond 007 Quantum of Solace-RELOADED

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James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace (c) Activision

BOND IS BACK. Blending first person shooting and third person cover combat,
Quantum of Solace the Game puts you in control of Bond's greatest weapon -
his mind. Based on both the Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale films,
Quantum of Solace the Game puts you in the midst of the high-octane world of
international espionage and intrigue.

"The job's done and the bitch is dead."

1. Unrar.
2. Burn or mount the image.
3. Install the game.
4. Copy over crack from the /Crack dir on the disc to your install dir.
5. Play the game.



Turning Point Fall of Liberty

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Turning Point Fall of Liberty

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty (c) Codemasters

The makers of Call of Duty: Finest hour bring you and FPS from 50s America in world where the Nazis won World War II.
Delivering both wartime authenticity and a fresh perspective through an
intense, action-driven storyline, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty makes war
personal and relevant. Presenting this scenario as a powerful and
realistically crafted alternate history, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty
delivers an explosive First Person Shooter experience in a world where famous
real world locations appear startlingly different under Nazi occupation.

1. Unrar.
2. Burn the image.
3. Install the game.
4. Copy the cracked executable over from the Crack directory on the DVD to
Binaries of your installation directory.
5. Play the game.

:::System Requirements:::


OS: Windows XP
Processor: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or AMD equivalent
Video Card: GeForce 6600 GT / Radeon X1600XT
Sound Card: DirectX Compatable Sound Card
Other: 2x DVD-ROM Drive


OS: Windows XP/Vista
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or Athlon 64 x2
Hard Drive: 6 GB
Video Card: FeForce 8800 GTS or Radeon X1950 XTX
Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi SoundCard
Direct X: DX9.0c
Other: DVD-ROM


Get DIRECTV Deals at Direct Sat TV

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Many people are jumping on the satellite TV bandwagon, particularly with DIRECTV. There are many reasons for this, including all of DIRECTV's benefits, particularly high quality and extra channels, to name only a few. With more deals than customers could ever imagine, DIRECTV is one way to supply your whole home with many TV options. Take some time when you are reviewing the DIRECTV plans and pay attention to the offers as they change. Consider the needs of your family as you make these decisions, and of course, be sure to add any changes in your expenses into your budget to keep something that should be relaxing from becoming something stressful!

DIRECTTV Offers many choices when it comes to satellite television, so before you choose you should know some DIRECTV Facts. One of the better DIRECTV Facts is that even if you choose the base package of DIRECTV Programming, your local TV networks are included as they are with all programming packages. Local channels in digital format are able to be delivered to over 94% of the US. Another one of the great DIRECTV facts that you may love is that you can get up to 265 channels at your disposal through some of our various packages. With this many premium channels, there is always something on TV. Another DIRECTV Fact is that sports packages will satisfy any sports fan. No matter which sport you like, DIRECTV Sports will have you covered. Choose from NBA, NFL Sunday Ticket, NHL, MLS, MLB and British soccer TV programming. Or if you prefer amateur sports you can choose college football and basketball packages as well.

With some of the best DIRECTV specials in the industry DIRECT SAT TV delivers great quality for an affordable price. There are DIRECTV deals and special offers to fit every entertainment style. For a limited time, you can lock in special deals on the DIRECTV PREMIER Package with its combination of 265+ channels including HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz and Sports Pack, the DIRECTV PLUS DVR package with 200+ channels and DVR service included, the DIRECTV PLUS HD DVR package with incredible high definition quality and an incredible lineup of national HD channels, or any one of many other DIRECTV services. Get DIRECTV deals now at Direct Sat TV as an Elite Dealer of DIRECTV Satellite TV and see for yourself why DIRECTV satellite television service is the best value in entertainment. For more information don't hesitate to visit Direct Sat TV website

Web Hosting Rating: Find The Best Web Hosting

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One of the most important decisions about your web site is choosing the right web hosting provider. Web hosting companies manage the web servers where your web site files and data are stored. The web server makes it possible your web site to be displayed on the Internet. Many webmasters search for web hosting articles and rating to find cheap and good web hosting providers. At least for their first web site. That is understandable - you do not know how to compare hosting services and you check their prices. Well, once you start a web site, you will see that there are several other things that also count, appart from the price.

When you need a web site for your business, personal use or even any other task there are several important factors you should take into consideration. Web hosting is not about large space or huge amounts of bandwidth. It is mainly about the quality of the web hosting service extends to its customers. After designing a top quality website the next most important task is to find a top quality and reliable web hosting service provider in order to place your web site on the world wide web. Like any successful partnership, the relationship between a business and its managed hosting provider needs constant attention and nurturing. But getting a provider to listen and respond to your company's critical needs isn't always easy, given the impersonal, automated nature of the technology involved.

Information on the reputation of a web-hosting provider is something you might find on To assist you, they have reviewed hundreds of cheap hosting companies and listed here are the TOP 10 Trusted Web Hosts and cheap web hosting providers that'll save you days to do the research. Once you’ve evaluated the web hosting providers against all of the criteria important to you and your application, it’s time to make the selection. Be sure to read contracts carefully and make sure you have the ability to upgrade your plan if need be. If you need more information don't hesitate to visit the site

Grand Theft Auto IV PC Pre-Final

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Grand Theft Auto IV PC Pre-Final

Stepping off a boat in the shoes of illegal immigrant Niko Bellic as he arrives in Liberty City at the start of Grand Theft Auto IV, you can tell immediately that Rockstar North's latest offering is something quite special. Yes, this is another GTA game in which you'll likely spend the bulk of your time stealing cars and gunning down cops and criminals, but it's also much more than that.

GTAIV is a game with a compelling and nonlinear storyline, a game with a great protagonist who you can't help but like, and a game that boasts a plethora of online multiplayer features in addition to its lengthy story mode. It's not without some flaws, but GTAIV is undoubtedly the best Grand Theft Auto yet.

This is new and fully working links with new Pre-Final version (Not Beta!!!), this doesn't required crack's!!!


Universe At War™: Earth Assault

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Universe At War™: Earth Assault

Powerful forces from across the universe have brought war to our planet. In Universe at War, you take command of several unique factions with awesome powers and spectacular units. Control massive-scale alien war machines that are fully customizable. With "Tactical Dynamics," Universe at War's on-the-fly customization system, you can dynamically swap out weaponry, rework your tech tree, and retrain units in the middle of combat to thwart your foe and seize the advantage.

Universe at War features large-scale environmental destruction in a persistent world - level a city and when you come back, the area will still be a smoking ruin. Here, though, the environments you fight for are close to home, as you wage war across familiar Earth cities and landmarks.

Universe at War also introduces numerous innovative new multiplayer features inspired by today's top MMOs and competitive online games, giving players achievements, rewards, and medals in a balanced environment with intelligent matchmaking.


• Unprecedented unit and faction customization give players the ability to change units and research in the middle of combat to overcome any challenge
• Unique multiplayer achievements that improve players' online avatars
• Unique multiplayer game modes
• Environmental destruction and manipulation in a persistent world
• Dual-layered gameplay featuring intense tactical battles and a strategic global mode where players manage resources, consolidate territories, and maneuver armies
• Real-world, modern-day environments
• Three unique factions with different play styles and abilities
• Special hero units with unique abilities
• Massive-scale units that dwarf conventional RTS units
• On-demand UI that doesn't clutter your view of the battle
• Developed by Petroglyph, makers of Star Wars: Empire at War.

Mild Language



Windows XP SP2
Processor: P4 2.0 GHz
Hard Drive: 6 GB free hard drive space
Video Card: 128 MB VRAM DX9 compliant card (ATI 9500 or NVIDIA 6200)
Online Multi-player: P4 2.8 GHz 1GB RAM 256 MB VRAM
Other: DVD-ROM drive


Star Trek : Generations

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Star Trek : Generations

Generations was the 7th Star Trek film, and saw Captain Kirk rescued from the wormhole he was trapped in and joining the Next Generation crew. Their mission was to stop Dr. Tolian Soran from destroying a succession of planets, so as to return him to a paradise-like dimension called the Nexus. All of this is brought to life in this game, with a succession of 12 away missions on various planets linked by strategic space combat, and Stellar Cartography planning to track Soran's next move. Away missions are in first-person 3D and feature action and puzzle solving. Each is played out by a different member of the crew, all of whom have their voices digitised. Some sub-plot elements and related video sequences from the stars (Patrick Stewart, William Shatner and Malcolm McDowell) are not in the film and have been added to the game.

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Pass : Opus

Advertising Balloons and Advertising Blimps!

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What do advertising blimps, advertising balloons, and advertising inflatables all have in common? Advertising blimps and advertising balloons are an effective and cost efficient way to promote our business, sale or event. Advertising balloons create business, drive traffic and increase walk-ins! If you are thinking of enhancing the sales figures of your brand/product, it's time to think of creative ways to get noticed. Advertising inflatables are high impact promotional tools that would surely help you to get noticed in a crowded market where brands are fighting to grab attention.

Are you looking for a helium balloon, blimp or custom shape? Is your need immediate? No problem, rightnow there is Arizona Balloon, a manufacturer of advertising balloons & blimps in the USA. They have over 600 advertising inflatables, big balloons, small advertising blimps, advertising balloons and blimps ready to ship today. They manufacture more custom helium advertising balloons than any other company in the USA. Arizona Balloon have been in business since 1976! Their clients include Fortune 500 companies and neighborhood mom and pop shops. You can call them for excellent service and superior craftmanship.

There are some benefits if you purchase advertising blimps or advertising balloons from Arizona Balloon such easiest to use and most dramatic, durable yet very light weight, use much less helium than PVC or urethane coated, will save you helium each time you re-use it and make you money from the aerial impact. Through you can researching for cold-air advertising inflatables, Dune balloons, globe balloons, helium balloons, leprecaun balloons, red tag balloons and many more. Advertising balloons and advertising blimps will be a great investment in your advertising and marketing program. If you need more information don't hesitate to visit their site

One-Stop Shop for Factory Priced Trade Show Exhibits

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When you begin to plan your marketing strategies, and you come across the column for trade shows, keep in mind what it is you are trying to accomplish. Set your standards a little bit higher, you want your exhibit to send an aspirational message. If you are investing your exhibit dollars to attend trade shows in your market segment, in all likelihood the competition is out there. Is now a good time to spend on a trade show exhibit? Regardless of the economic conditions or competitive landscape, there are many tactics your small business can use to ensure a winning trade show. Trade show displays come in all different sizes, types, and colors. They are very diverse and they are successful at getting individuals to visit your trade show booth.

Trade show table covers can turn an ordinary eight by ten foot trade show booth into an extraordinary selling space. Custom imprinted table covers, including table runners, table throws and table skirts that don't blend in with all of the other drab table covers can give you and your booth a competitive edge. With custom trade show table covers, you can let people know exactly who you are, even from across a crowded convention center. Your logo will communicate your brand or message to invite people into your booth. To succeed as a trade show exhibitor, you need an attractive booth. Table top displays can do the trick. Colorful, versatile and informative, trade show displays can entice attendees to stop at your booth rather than walking by. For the average 10 by 10-foot booth, table top displays are the best route to go. They are easy to transport, can be set up quickly and are relatively inexpensive.

Before you buy trade show displays there is recommend a one-stop shop for factory priced trade show displays, exhibits and tradeshow booths: Camelback Displays. Through site, they offers affordable trade show exhibits and many accessories such as custom printed table covers. They can add a logo, custom artwork in full color or just a message onto tablecloths. Great for special events and trade shows. Why rent expensive trade show exhibits from the show when you can own it for much less? Camelback Displays offer the largest variety of tradeshow displays on the market with many custom options. So don't hesitate to visit their site

Silent Hunter 4: Wolves Of The Pacific - Uboat Missions

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Silent Hunter 4: Wolves Of The Pacific - Uboat Missions

Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific takes players to the depths of the Pacific Ocean as the skipper of an American submarine. You will engage in massive battles with enemy units, manage and evolve an entire submarine crew, and earn promotions and commendations to ensure victory in the Pacific.

Take assumed command of the German submarine fleet and razvyazhite war with the U.S. Navy in the Pacific Ocean!
Silent Hunter: Wolves Pacific German campaign supplement in 2008 to perhaps the best marine simulator decade, with unparalleled on a realistic timetable, accurate simulation of underwater battles, as well as innovation management and development team.

Download: (Size: 680 MB)


Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30

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Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30

Brothers in Arms is the only first-person tactical shooter set in WWII. It takes you into the uncensored reality of military history. You become Sgt. Matt Baker, a squad leader committed to completing his mission and bringing his men home alive. Guide his squad of 101st Airborne Paratroopers as you're immersed in the historic 8-day Normandy invasion; As you play, you'll face difficult choices where you'll weigh the good of the mission against the lives your fellow soldiers - your Brothers In Arms.

suggested system requirements:
Pentium 4 2.5 GHz, 1 GB RAM, graphic card 128MB (GeForce 4 or better), 5 GB HDD.



Iron Man

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Iron Man

Iron Man, one of Marvel's most indestructible Super Heroes, blast onto videogame platforms with this adaptation of the big screen movie. This third-person action game immerses players in the world of Tony Stark -- the brilliant industrialist and inventor who both created and became the world's toughest hero - Iron Man. By customizing the advanced technology in Iron Man's suits, gamers can take advantage of a wide array of high-impact weapons to strategically blow-up and destroy any enemy force and fight to rid the world of weapons of mass destruction.


* OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
* Processor: Pentium 4 @ 1.4 GHz or Equivalent
* Memory: 512 MB
* Video Memory: 256 MB



Play Poker at PokerStars Room

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There is a recommend website that allow you to choose best poker rooms where play poker with people around the world that is Flop Turn River offer many poker rooms such PokerStars, Full Tilt, PartyPoker, VC Poker and etc. If you're considering joining PokerStars, be sure to use PokerStars Marketing Code to get the full bonus and access to exclusive PokerStars events. PokerStars also so much bonus, you can get bonus up to $ 75 for some criteria. Use PokerStars marketing code of “flopturnriver” to exclusive 150% deposit bonus. This is a special PokerStars Bonus Code from PokerStars directly! In addition to the improved initial rewards, you will also have access to our exclusive PokerStars events, including our online poker league, the FTR Gauntlet!

PokerStars is the largest online poker room today. There are constantly over 100,000 users connected and playing at most times during the day. They have the most tournaments and cash tables by far compared to any other online poker room. But even after saying all that, there are still some things about PokerStars that some people think are lacking...and that's a Rakeback program. PokerStars DOES NOT ALLOW rakeback - it's not offered by PokerStars directly and it is not offered by 3rd parties. PokerStars Rakeback Equivalent and VIP Program offers PokerStars VIP Rakeback - Silver, Gold, Platinum Star, Supernova and Supernova Elite.

PokerStars also offers occasional reload bonuses and other promotions; it may be a good idea to periodically check their website for new promotions. Remember to sign up through the links on this page and use PokerStars Bonus Code when depositing. The deposit bonus offered through PokerStars is relatively small when compared to that of other poker rooms. In its defense it is also arguably a lot easier and faster to clear the bonus. The PokerStars bonus code should be entered when making your first deposit to activate the bonus. So if you want to play poker online at PokerStars room don't hesitate to visit

UK Wide Online Employment Solutions

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Are you looking for a job in UK? It’s easy; you don't need to walking around everyday trying to look for a job vacancy anymore because now you can find your dream job from home. With your computer connected Internet you can visit where named Search Recuitment Agency which provides you total recruitment solution. That in the recruitment industry will happily profess that is currently booming. Seemingly most high streets have at least one agency if not more advertising jobs and recruiting workers for a number of industry sectors. When you are searching for work, or even searching for an employee it is always a difficult decision which agency to use, if using recruitment agency it become easy. is an online recruitment agency that will help you find a suitable job for you. Nowadays, many employers and job seekers use the services of recruitment agency to save time and money. help to match employers with job seekers who fit their criteria.

If you are looking for positions like Pharmaceutical jobs or you are looking jobs in Edinburgh, as recruitment agency that can assist you. take pride in the fact that they have established a reputation for putting the right people in the right jobs. can assist you in finding permanent jobs, temporary jobs, or contract jobs depending on your preference. Finding the best jobs on your own is very difficult because many of them are not advertised in traditional manners. Instead companies come to a top rated Recruitment Agency like the Search Recuitment Agency to get expert help. These firms know that they carefully screen all of the candidates that come to them and this means that the companies are getting top quality people.

Take Care of The Company Name (Brand Capital)

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When you start a company, eventually you are going to have to choose a company name. You may not take the decision that seriously - but trust me, a great name can make all the difference. As the online marketplace becomes increasingly cluttered it is more important than ever to be memorable and to stand out. The name of your company is a critical factor in this. If you are a web company, personally I think you have to own the .com domain. Make it another constraint. If you can’t get the .com, find another name. I know there are those that suggest otherwise, but requiring the .com domain name registration is just another constraint at the end of the day, and if your business is online, you don’t want to explain how to get to your URL. You just want someone to be able to hear your company name and go there.

While trying to find a name, and words that describe what your company is trying to do, you will find that your brain works overtime. Every word you read will be a candidate, every word you hear will have new potential, but only by embracing this process or something like it will you be able to recognize a great word/name when you hear it. If you invest enough into this process, you will know a good name when you hear it. If it satisfies all of your constraints you will almost certainly have a great name. However, you do have to test it with your customers - your audience. Make some phone calls, run a survey, post the name on a forum and see what people think. Whatever you do, get some feedback from target customers outside your organization.

If you are don't want great difficulty to do all these work you can gave over to as naming company offering solutions to the complexities of name creation and brand management in a global environment. This company find a name for your company, product or marketing action. The process of name creation is supported by a panel of international name testers. They register domain names and trademarks portfolio to protect you name and improve your profits with their new marketing and fiscal services. So don't hesitate to visit to create your brand capital.

Commandos 3 - Destination Berlin

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Commandos 3 - Destination Berlin (2003) | 1.6 Gb
Windows 98 / 98SE / 2000 / XP
Commandos 3: Destination Berlin is a game of real-time tactics that places you in command of an elite unit of Special Forces behind enemy lines. From the shores of France to the heart of the Third Reich, strike fast from land or sea with your small squad of guerrilla fighters, infiltrating hostile territories and conducting raids to disrupt the German war machine.

Minimum System Requirements
System: Pentium III 700MHz or equivalent
RAM: 128 MB
Video Memory: 32 MB
Hard Drive Space: 2000 MB

Recommended System Requirements
System: Pentium 4 GHz or equivalent
RAM: 512 MB
Video Memory: 128 MB

Download from Rapidshare

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14
Part 15
Part 16

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War Leaders: Clash of Nations 2008

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War Leaders: Clash of Nations 2008

Info :

War Leaders: Clash of Nations is the most comprehensive PC game of all times on the subject of the Second World War. A game that all strategy fans have been waiting for which allows you to slip in the roles of the seven most important real Leaders of the war and to control all determining aspects of a big war!!! Players can experience a gigantic variety of gameplay by playing two clearly differentiated but integrated MANAGER part (a turn-based MANAGER part with construction of armies, development of technology, establishment of diplomatic and trading agreements, etc ) & an RTS part (dramatic and visually amazing RTS battles, with hundreds of units in wonderful landscapes staged all around the world with very innovative game mechanics ). The game offers 250 different units, 41 different maps, all the nations and 175 regions along the entire world to explore and use.

Download from Rapidshare

Download from Filefactory

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Alien Vs Predator 2

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Alien Vs Predator 2

Info :

Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Processor: Pentium 3 @ 450 MHz
Memory: 128 MB
Hard Drive: 500 MB Free
Video Memory: 16 MB
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
DirectX: 8.0
Keyboard & Mouse
CD/DVD Rom Drive

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Auto Help for Buying, Owning, Car Repair & Maintenance

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What is your car really worth? Some vehicles are more expensive to operate than others. It is therefore worth comparing operating costs of different vehicles before buying a car. Do not forget that owning and operating a car costs money. Expenses such as compulsory charges, depreciation, fuel and servicing need to be budgeted for. Depreciation can be the single most expensive cost of owning a car. Some cars depreciate significantly more than others so you should research the depreciation performance of the models you are considering buying.

A vehicle that has been serviced regularly by a qualified mechanic according to the manufacturer’s specifications is less likely to give you mechanical troubles than one which hasn’t. Find the best Mechanic. It also gives the new owner valuable clues as to which future servicing operations are necessary, and which aren’t (e.g. changing the timing belt). A full service history also potentially adds to the vehicle’s resale value, and may cost you more at purchase.

Choosing the right car and maintaining it regularly can save you money, hassles and reduce your car’s impact on the environment. If you are trading-in your old car see reviews on 2009 cars, ask the seller to give you the total amount you will pay to leave your car and drive away in another vehicle. After all, that is the only figure that matters. If you are want to much know all about car there is a recommend site DriverSide will give you everything do you need to buy, own, and sell your car. For more information don't hesitate to visit their site

Purchasing for a Great Furniture Product Online

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Since modern furniture is all about functionality and practicality, you need to choose the best designs that can take less space in your area. You have to make sure that the one you choose is something that is very useful for your home. If you need complete remodeling of the home, then you need to choose several furniture types. But if you are only replacing one area of the room, then you can decide on something nice and decorative to put as a replacement. Measure the dimensions of a furniture and make sure that it will fit on the area where you're planning to put it in your home. The home furnishings industry offers different furniture styles and options to choose from. Italian Furniture has always been very popular in home interior design and home furnishings.

Many individuals love the sleek lines and dramatic styling of Contemporary Furniture while others enjoy the versatility of contemporary furniture and use it as an accent to their current decorating scheme. There are many different styles that will combine with contemporary furniture and sometimes, just changing a few items in a room can give the room a whole new feel. If you are choosing Contemporary Furniture to go with an existing design scheme, one tip to ensure that you are making the right choice of furniture color and style is to take a picture of the room that the furniture will be going into and take it with you to the furniture store. You can look at the picture of the room while shopping for the furniture to see how the furniture will look added to the room and the other décor items that are already in place.

If you are want to purchasing furniture online there is a recommend site eRoomService as designer furniture is founded on the principle that well-designed, well-made furniture should be stylish, functional and affordable. For years, eRoomService have been able to offer customers both unparalleled service and valuable products because they directly source a good portion of their goods, thereby cutting out layers of middlemen and the associated costs. eRoomService also keep operating overheads to a minimum, and share the resulting savings with customers. At eRoomService they stand behind their products and want to make sure customer experience has been exceptionally positive by offering a unique combination of stylish products, special customer programs and flexible policies. With eRoomService, furnishing your residence has never been easier: just make your selections, enjoy huge savings, then kick back and let they do the rest!

Shopping Wide Range of Styles Lamps Online

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If you are remodeling your home there are some key accessorizing details you should consider such as window treatments whether they are blinds, shades or shutters, decorative pillows which can add some color and design to the space as well as floor lamps, table lamps and their lamp shades. When looking for new lamps for your home, keep in mind that decorative elements tend to look better when placed in groups of odd-numbers rather than even numbers. In a seating area, for example, you might want to use an arrangement of two table lamps and a floor lamp, instead of two table lamps and two floor lamps. A new lamp will also look great in a home office or hobby area setting. Look to an adjustable desk lamp for a flexible solution to illuminate your desk or computer keyboard.

The living and guest rooms describe a family’s life style, impress the guests, and bring warmth and comfort when it is needed the most. For a room of smaller proportions, a torchiere lamp would be the ideal light-giver. In the shape, color, and height of your choice, the lamp would fit graciously into a given area by the couch to illuminate your leisurely needs or in a secluded corner where it could illuminate the whole room. A floor lamp, meanwhile, would do the job of highlighting something of outstanding significance; a glorious painting, a book shelf, or a stand with knickknacks to be admired by your guests. have their showcase of lamps doesn’t disappoint the tradition. For a grand room that lacks the sass of glorifying light, offer classic and contemporary ceiling lamps due to fit perfectly any life style. offers thousands of lamps including table lamps, floor lamps, task lamps, reading lamps, piano lamps and torchieres in a wide range of styles and at the lowest prices from dozens of top manufacturers. Visitors may shop by lamp brand, by lamp application or by style. At Farreys site they have lamp product search tool that quickly helps find the perfect lamps for your application. So, don't hesitate to visit if you want to buy lamps online.

Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy

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Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy

Fahrenheit, a spectacular interactive thriller, set in New-York, gives gamers the unique chance to play both hunter and fugitive, which in turn leads them to speak, explore, interact, fight and confront unknown dark forces. For no apparent reason, ordinary people are randomly killing total strangers. Although there is no link between the murderers, they all seem to follow exactly the same ritual and pattern.

Download Links
Password : grass

Madden NFL 08

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Madden NFL 08

Feel what it’s like to be a field general making key
personnel decisions on both sides of the ball during the
game’s biggest moments in Madden NFL 08. Quickly identify
your strongest players on the field before every snap then
move them into position to make game-changing, momentum-
altering plays.

~ All-New Read and React System - New player skill icons
identify on-field strengths and weaknesses, providing an
immediate read on what your opponent is giving you.
Quickly react, create mismatches, and exploit opponent
weaknesses before every play.
~ All-New Skill Drills - Take on an army of tackling
dummies in an all-new skill drills mini-game designed to
teach you the game of football. A progressive learning
system teaches you how to use game controls under
pressure, while advanced and multiplayer modes allow you
to finetune your skills or challenge a friend to a head-
to-head competition.
~ Madden Unmatched - All-new player moves, including auto-
motion and low-hitting tackles, plus ultra-smooth
gameplay provide the most realistic NFL gaming
experience ever.
~ New Widescreen Support - From game-winning touchdowns to
4th quarter goal line stands, enjoy every play in
stunning 16:9 widescreen detail.

Download Links

Password : s7or4x


Unreal Tournament 3

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Unreal Tournament 3

Unreal Tournament 3 is actually the fourth game in the Unreal Tournament series and the eighth Unreal game, but it has been numbered in terms of the engine it runs on. The original Unreal Tournament uses the original Unreal Engine, while UT2003 and UT2004 use the Unreal Engine 2, and 2004 incorporates all of the content from 2003; therefore they are considered as the same generation. UT3 is subsequently part of the third generation, because it runs on the Unreal Engine 3, and does not reuse any content.