When you start a company, eventually you are going to have to choose a company name. You may not take the decision that seriously - but trust me, a great name can make all the difference. As the online marketplace becomes increasingly cluttered it is more important than ever to be memorable and to stand out. The name of your company is a critical factor in this. If you are a web company, personally I think you have to own the .com domain. Make it another constraint. If you can’t get the .com, find another name. I know there are those that suggest otherwise, but requiring the .com domain name registration is just another constraint at the end of the day, and if your business is online, you don’t want to explain how to get to your URL. You just want someone to be able to hear your company name and go there.

While trying to find a name, and words that describe what your company is trying to do, you will find that your brain works overtime. Every word you read will be a candidate, every word you hear will have new potential, but only by embracing this process or something like it will you be able to recognize a great word/name when you hear it. If you invest enough into this process, you will know a good name when you hear it. If it satisfies all of your constraints you will almost certainly have a great name. However, you do have to test it with your customers - your audience. Make some phone calls, run a survey, post the name on a forum and see what people think. Whatever you do, get some feedback from target customers outside your organization.

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