Ah, the allure of the late night resurgence infomercial. You're perusing the channels in that half-asleep-but can't-quite-get-there mode, and suddenly, there it is! The skincare of your dreams, made especially for your skin type!

I like to think of myself as savvy and immune to infomercials, but the Murad Resurgence ad grabbed me because it's "exclusively formulated for hormonally aging skin", which is the category I (sigh) currently fall into. I was also motivated by the fact that it's from Murad, and I have been loving their products lately.

The contents of the Resurgence Night Regimen are as follows:

-Renewing Cleansing Cream- 1.5 FL. OZ.
-Age Diffusing Serum- 0.33 FL. OZ.
-Age Balancing Night Cream- 0.5 FL. OZ.

The Cleansing Cream is creamy, not greasy, and foams up a little when you add water to remove it. My face feels clean but not dry after using it, and it doesn't leave any residue.

The Age Diffusing Serum is light enough to sink right into your skin upon application, but really makes your skin feel softer and smoother right away.

The Night Cream is really moisturizing but not greasy feeling. My skin feels great when I put it on and I don't feel dry when I wake up the next morning.

After using these products about a month, I can honestly say that my skin looks smoother and healthier. I have had a lot of stress during this month, but it's not showing on my face. The Resurgence line is really working for me!