Identity theft has become a very real problem in today’s information age filled with online billing such pre-approved credit offers and the like. Companies offering protection and insurance against identity theft and identity fraud have sprung up everywhere. Such Lifelock and LoudSiren was offering services to protect you against identity fraud. You can compare LoudSiren and LifeLock with several points at website This site has a enough information about that comparison. This site gives comparison between loudsiren and lifelock. And this comparison in good proportion and more details. give you all information that you needed at this site. They review about discount that offering by loudsiren and lifelock. I think you can start to look a credit card if you don’t have a credit card. There is an explanation about credit card too. It explain how if you loose your credit card and many more information about credit card. You can choose which credit card that can give you more benefits such discount from very special offer. I prefer choose loudsiren, because they give more discounts than lifelock. If you want to choose between loudsiren and lifelock it up to you. You can learn and make a decision which identity theft prevention and protection service that you will choose.

There are some benefits of LoudSiren such offers free credit reports upon sign-up, sets fraud alerts that remove your name from pre-approved credit mailing offers, guarantees their service up to $1,000,000, which covers identity restoration costs, including legal expenses and lost wages, should your identity be compromised while a member of LoudSiren. Then Loud Siren requires that you verify all new credit requests in your name, but instead of having the bank call you, LoudSiren sends you a message on your phone, upon which you accept or reject credit requests with the push of a button. LoudSiren automatically renews your membership every year, so you need not worry about a lapse in identity protection coverage. LoudSiren members pay $9.00 per month for individual coverage, or $99.00 per year.