Baldur's Gate


*No installation required! Just start the game and play!
*Latest updates and nocd crack pre-installed.
*BG1 and BG2 has been combined together with both expansions to create one single, fluid experience. BG1 will now use BG2's more advanced graphics and UI, and you will no longer need to switch between cd's or games when you beat BG1. It will just automatically start BG2 without delay and continue playing with your current character. Items that work in BG1 will work in BG2 and vice versa.
*Hundreds of new quests and items.
*New/More sounds and music.
*More dialogue, NPC's, teammates, and romances.
*New character portraits.
*More spells
*Lots of dialogue fixes and other fixes created by fans of the games.
*Huge BG1 Mods including: Dark Side of the Sword Coast, Northern Tales of the Sword Coast, Secret of Bonehill, and Drizzt Saga, with small mini-mods for various other things.
*Huge BG2 Mods including: The Darkest Day, Shadows Over Soubar, Check the Bodies, Tortured Souls, and Region of Terror, with even more small mini-mods.
*Brand new World Map(See below).
*New start menu.
*Doing all of this yourself would take up around 10gb of space and take a lot of patience and involvement. I've done all the work for you, except mine is only around 7gb in size and won't clutter your computer, because it only has 2 executables. The .dat file and the launcher.


New World Map!

New Start Menu

Starting From Beginning

In-Game For BG1

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