Investment in gold is certainly the first choice for you. The benefits of this investment has a value that is real (tangible), the value of physical objects (intrinsic) and the value that is inherent in the objects (innate). The three benefits of these values are not owned by other forms of investment such as stocks, securities and paper money.

Before you buy gold, set in advance your goal. Is it for pleasure, whether for jewelry as well as savings that have sudden needs, or purely for investment. If you want to invest, you can buy gold bullion or gold coins. Because intrinsic value is relatively large. If the jewelry as well as for savings, then you need to select the gold that has a high degree.

Usually gold bullion has a value 24 carat or pure gold. Gold bullion is the best choice if you buy gold with the pure purpose to invest. This is because gold bullion that have value 24 carat more emphasize intrinsic value of gold as a commodity.

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