For cat lover who want to buy a cat, don't forget to see their condition in order to not disappointed about the favored animal purchased. To bring a cat, you should use a cat carrier to carry the cat. The goal is a cat feels safe and comfortable during the trip.

Taking care a cat in the house will need to prepare food with good nutrition. The animal health is very important so it should be evaluated routinely by veterinarian who are experts. Effective caring for cat is give them high protein foods. You can also add in fresh food such as fresh meat, fish, or eggs.

If we feel fear our cat will stolen, get injured or exposed various diseases don't let a cat play outside the house too long. Therefore, we have to give the cat a room that has been equipped by comfortable bed, eating and drinking places, and the sand box. We recommend once a month bring to the salon to keep their beauty such as hair, nails, and all parts of the body.

For more information, before you're decide to buy a cat, I suggest you to read cat care guide at Here you can find everything you need to know about caring for cats right.